I AM a Writer

There is a power in words. That’s why I and so many others choose to write. And yet, for all we writers know about the power of words, we often use the wrong ones, especially when describing ourselves. We say “I am an aspiring author” or “I want to be a writer”. And we put those conditions on the words author and writer because we haven’t been published yet, or haven’t even finished our first draft. We hold the ideal of a completed, published story on a pedestal and don’t dare compare our meager, novice efforts with those who have achieved this lofty rank. They are the authors and the writers we aspire and want to be.

But we are wrong!

The very definitions of the words “author” and “writer” do not contain any clause or condition regarding completion or publication. That’s because writing isn’t a destination. It’s a journey. And if you, like me, have decided to take that journey and penned your first word, then you ARE a writer. Right now. And so am I.  We need to own it. None of this aspiring or wanting business.  I don’t have to achieve some literary milestone to earn the title of writer or author. It’s what I do, it’s who I am. Right here, right now.

I AM an author.


writing journey


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