Voting Time + A Link to All Twelve Stories

Now that all twelve finalists in the “Saints, Spells, and Spaceships” contest have debuted on-line, it’s time to vote!

Voting is open now through Saturday Nov 13th. There’s no subscribing to or following of any Social Media page required to place your votes. You’ll have to put your name and e-mail on the google docs voting form, but that’s just to ensure unique voters. It won’t put you on any kind of e-mail list. (Though if you want to be added to their email list, they have a link for that on the voting instructions page).

Voters will select their top four choices, in order. You do have to select four different stories for your vote to count. Only voting for one or two stories, or trying to vote for the same story more than once, would disqualify your vote.

More voting details (along with links to all twelve finalist stories so you can read through the others) can be found here.

Side Note #1: If neither of my two stories (“What Have You Against Being Baptized?” and “The Other Commander”) make your top four, that’s fine. I truly want the best story to win, and having read through them all, there’s a lot of great stories!

Side Note #2: One of the requirements of the contest was that the stories appeal specifically to readers affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As such, many stories touch on some interesting aspects of church culture or scriptural stories that might feel foreign to those without that specific religious background. I think many of the stories should still be understandable and enjoyable, even without the shared religious background, so I hope you won’t be turned off by that aspect. But if any of my readers are curious about those cultural or doctrinal aspects, feel free to hit me up with any questions you have and I promise to give a non-preachy, no-pressure response. You can comment here on the blog, or connect with me through social media.

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