Whitney Hemsath has been writing since she was in grade school, including such great literary classics as Rats, My Thankful Poems, and Charlie’s Chicken Pox. Sadly, her first (and only) print run of each book contained but a single copy. Fear not, however, because Whitney was wise beyond her years and elected to use the superior plastic spiral binding method over the common stapler bindings of the day, so those little gems are still around 25 years later. If you ever want to read them, just come visit her kids’ play room. But please call a week in advance; it will take that long to clear a path from the door to the bookcase.

In addition to short stories and novels, Whitney loves to dabble in poetry, song lyric parodies, and even screenplays. (After three years, she even dabbled her way to a Bachelor’s degree in Screenwriting from Chapman University, with her feature length animated comedy Joey Down Under being featured on their killer script list in 2005.)

Perhaps the best writing advice she ever received was from film director Mitch Davis, who told her that more important than learning how to write was making sure you had a story worth telling. Taking that advice to heart, Whitney has tried to travel and learn about as many different people, faiths, and cultures as possible. Among her favorite experiences include studying abroad in New Zealand, serving a mission in Argentina for the LDS church, living at a Bhuddist dharma arts center in Colorado for a week, and above all, being a wife to one amazing husband and mother to three incredible boys, which adventure has taught her more about herself, life, and the universal human experience than all the sight seeing and book reading she’s ever done.

When she’s not writing, Whitney loves to dance, do improv comedy, watch movies, play the piano, pretend she can play the cello, eat brownies, and anything else that will help her procrastinate cleaning the house.