Here’s a list of some of my works in progress, along with excerpts from a couple that are further along in the writing stage.

  1. Song of the Sapien  – First book in a YA Sci-Fi series.
    Description: Earth has been colonized by semi-humanoid aliens with an addiction to classical music, and the small portion of humanity that has been spared must perform as their musical pets or risk starvation. But seventeen-year-old piano prodigy Amy Kincaid has another future in mind–joining an underground of rebels with her best friend Rylan and escaping beyond the Screamzone.
    “Now, had she been in the quiet safety of her basement, with no one else around, her left hand would have gently sunk into the low keys, establishing the rolling foundational pattern of Chopin’s Nocturne in E minor. She would have leaned into each phrase, causing it to swell ever so slightly, like the ebb and flow of distant ocean waves. Then with her right hand, she would have pulled from the keys a soft, weeping melody. Despite being forced into this life of music, Amy never resented the music itself. She couldn’t. There was something too familiar in it, something in it she needed. The men and women who wrote those notes, centuries before the noids and the Scream, somehow they understood her pain. When she played, it was like they sat in the room, silently crying with her.But Amy was not in her basement. She was center stage with hundreds of obsidian eyes converging on her, waiting to transform to a mercurial shade of silver when they heard their newfound drug.

    She would not be their fix.”

  2. Types, Shadows, and Casseroles: Finding Christ in All Things – LDS/Christian Inspirational Self-Help Book (*Third Place winner in the 2017 Storymakers First Chapter Contest*)
    Description: This book will guide learners step by step through a formula to train their brains on how to see symbols in and create object lessons from every object and event around them.
    Excerpt: “He is in that three a.m. newborn feeding you don’t want to get up for as well as that produce that went bad in the back of your fridge because you forgot it was there. He is in your cell phone charger, your guitar tuner, your curling iron, and your running shoes. He is at the grocery checkout line as well as the hair salon. He is everywhere, because everything is a type and shadow of Him. Everything we encounter is an object lesson waiting to happen, waiting to point our souls toward Him. It isn’t a matter of knowing where to look; it is simply a matter of training ourselves to see. “
  3. The Case Files of Detective Goose  – Middle Grade/Early Chapter Reader Mystery Series
    Description: In the land of nursery rhymes, mysteries abound. And whether Cat can’t find his heirloom dish and spoon, or Spider claim’s his best friend Miss Muffet has been kidnapped, there is no case that Detective Goose can’t solve.
  4. The Identity Crisis of Motherhood – LDS/Christian Inspirational Non-Fiction
    Description: Somewhere along the path of marriage and motherhood, after serving for days and years on end, countless women find themselves reaching a point where they say, “I don’t even know who I am anymore.” The promise is that those who lose their lives for Christ’s sake will find them, but is that a promise that we must wait until the eternities to see fulfilled? No. Finding your own life and your own identity right now in the midst of motherhood is not only possible, it is essential.
  5. Songs of the Heart: the Doctrine of the Hymns – LDS Inspirational Non-Fiction
    Description: Treating the words of the hymns as scripture, this book takes a look at specific hymns and their lyrics,  studying the important doctrines and messages they teach.